Esteban - Neroli Decorative Diffuser
Esteban - Neroli Decorative Diffuser
Esteban - Neroli Decorative Diffuser
Esteban - Neroli Decorative Diffuser

Esteban - Neroli Decorative Diffuser

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Adulated by the Queen of Nerola, who used it abundantly, neroli exudes a tender fragrance, a true cocoon of well-being. The queen filled her bath with orange blossoms to embalm her body, her clothes, her gloves and her Roman palace with this sacred odour. The Neroli name was given to this Diffuser to pay tribute to the story of Nerola and the royal family. A graceful gold-haloed star, Esteban's Neroli fills the house with an elegant, sensual and enveloping halo. Presented in a decorative glass vase, patterned with a delicate floral graphic print and topped with a ceramic lid.

Neroli is a fragrance based around fruity and clean head notes. Cassis and Sicilian bergamot marry for an imminent olfactory pleasure. Floral notes are present from the heart notes that consist of neroli, white geranium and jasmine. This floral accord of white and soft flowers favours the delicacy of the perfume. Finally, the base notes that form the personality of the fragrance are composed of aromas of patchouli and musky notes.


Top notes: blackcurrant, bergamot of Sicily
Heart notes: neroli, white geranium, jasmine
Base notes: patchouli, musky harmony

100% phtalate-free vegetal alcohol
‐ Ceramic cover
‐ Includes 15 22cm perfume reeds
‐ Hand poured in France
‐ H 23cm x W 7.5cm x D 7.5 cm
‐ 100ml

How To Use
Pour the perfume directly into the pot, to cover about 1 cm of the bottom. Insert the stems into the pot to diffuse its aroma. The fragrance diffuses for about 6 weeks. To optimize the diffusion, have the stems dance regularly. For a light perfume: use only a part of the reeds- between 8 and 10. For a more intense fragrance diffusion use all sticks. The life of the diffuser will depend on how many reeds are used.

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