Paris Mode - Ann Medium Claw Clip - Onyx
Paris Mode - Ann Medium Claw Clip - Onyx
Paris Mode

Paris Mode - Ann Medium Claw Clip - Onyx

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Hand made in France by expert craftsmen and tested by renowned hairdressers, this fashionable medium Paris Mode hair claw onyx, will not only adorn your hair but thanks to its strong spring and excellent design, will make your favourite hairstyles a breeze.

Perfectly hand polished to a smooth and glossy finish and made from the eco-friendly acetate of cellulose this efficient accessory could soon become your long-time friend.


-High quality French handmade medium hair claw clip

-Strong spring

-Timeless design

-Beautiful smooth and glossy finish

- Long life span

-Suits all hair types

-Branded Paris Mode


Made of cellulose acetate ,an eco-friendly luxurious material originating from cotton and wool fibres. Acetate is extremely wrong and flexible with a silky touch and warm feel.


4 x 4 cm



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